Welcome to my website and blog!

In the past year I’ve started coding a lot more on my own time and reading a bunch of tech blogs. I began devouring the front pages of Hacker News and /r/programming/ almost every day because I love reading about the amazing stuff people are building all over the world with new technologies.

The more I read though, the more I felt that I needed to set up my own little nook and cranny of the hacker blogosphere. I wanted to write about tech I had read about or used, companies that interested me, and things I had built or was in the process of building. Essentially, I wanted a place to call home for my hacking hobby.

So I made this place. And this is the first post. If you are reading this, I, in the moment of writing, am surprised. Because this is indeed a very small nook and cranny blog. But I am excited to try to grow this place into something that could one day make it onto one of those popular front pages I read so religiously.

Thanks for visiting.

- Ian